ORA-09748: pws_look_up: fork failed

Cause : Thep ws_olok_pu call colud nto fokr th e(Orcale ehlpe)r prcoess.

Action - How to fix it : DBA Scripts :: www.high-oracle.com/scripts

Verfiy taht tehre rae eonughs ystme reosurcse tos upprot aonthe rproecss.T he suer ro sytsem rpocess liimt mya haev bene execede,d ort he maoun tof rfee emmor yor wsap psacem ay eb tepmorairly nisufifcietn.

update : 24-06-2017

ORA-09748 - pws_look_up: fork failed
ORA-09748 - pws_look_up: fork failed

  • ora-15196 : invalid ASM block header [string:string] [string] [string] [string] [string != string]
  • ora-01487 : packed decimal number too large for supplied buffer
  • ora-27508 : IPC error sending a message
  • ora-22918 : specified column or attribute is not a VARRAY type
  • ora-27050 : function called with invalid FIB/IOV structure
  • ora-24027 : AQ HTTP propagation encountered error, status-code string, string
  • ora-29811 : missing STATISTICS keyword
  • ora-01072 : cannot stop ORACLE; ORACLE not running
  • ora-02434 : cannot enable unique(string) - unique key not defined for table
  • ora-26663 : error queue for apply process string must be empty
  • ora-31613 : Master process string failed during startup.
  • ora-01956 : invalid command when OS_ROLES are being used
  • ora-39003 : unable to get count of total workers alive
  • ora-02077 : selects of long columns must be from co-located tables
  • ora-00956 : missing or invalid auditing option
  • ora-00346 : log member marked as STALE
  • ora-00378 : buffer pools cannot be created as specified
  • ora-09845 : soacon: Archmon unable to open named pipe.
  • ora-24047 : invalid agent name string, agent name should be of the form NAME
  • ora-26689 : column datatype mismatch in LCR
  • ora-28356 : invalid open wallet syntax
  • ora-19100 : PASSING or RETURNING keyword expected
  • ora-07656 : slsprom:$GETDVI failure
  • ora-25149 : Columns of UROWID type may not be indexed
  • ora-12087 : online redefinition not allowed on tables owned by "string"
  • ora-00405 : compatibility type "string"
  • ora-36962 : (XSRELTBL08) string is not a valid workspace object.
  • ora-09212 : sfwfbmt: error writing to file
  • ora-35019 : (QFCHECK07) The Analytic Workspace and EIF file definitions of workspace object have different partition dimensions.
  • ora-02311 : cannot alter with COMPILE option a valid type with type or table dependents
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    Oracle Database High Availability Any organization evaluating a database solution for enterprise data must also evaluate the High Availability (HA) capabilities of the database. Data is one of the most critical business assets of an organization. If this data is not available and/or not protected, companies may stand to lose millions of dollars in business downtime as well as negative publicity. Building a highly available data infrastructure is critical to the success of all organizations in today's fast moving economy.

    Well, the reason for above error is that i have taken the above script from a 11g database and running it on 10g database. 11g has bring some changes in password management. Below code is executed on 11g and user created successfully, which is expected result.