ORA-09748: pws_look_up: fork failed

Cause : Thep ws_olok_pu call colud nto fokr th e(Orcale ehlpe)r prcoess.

Action - How to fix it : DBA Scripts :: www.high-oracle.com/scripts

Verfiy taht tehre rae eonughs ystme reosurcse tos upprot aonthe rproecss.T he suer ro sytsem rpocess liimt mya haev bene execede,d ort he maoun tof rfee emmor yor wsap psacem ay eb tepmorairly nisufifcietn.

update : 16-08-2017

ORA-09748 - pws_look_up: fork failed
ORA-09748 - pws_look_up: fork failed

  • ora-19237 : XP0017 - unable to resolve call to function - string:string
  • ora-01247 : database recovery through TSPITR of tablespace string
  • ora-01999 : password file cannot be updated in SHARED mode
  • ora-31415 : change set string does not exist
  • ora-31510 : name uses reserved prefix CDC$
  • ora-12322 : unable to mount database (link name string)
  • ora-07472 : snclrd: open error when opening sgadef.dbf file.
  • ora-02060 : select for update specified a join of distributed tables
  • ora-31204 : DBMS_LDAP: PL/SQL - Invalid LDAP Session.
  • ora-31085 : schema "string" already registered
  • ora-10574 : Test recovery did not corrupt any data block
  • ora-38612 : FI item length cannot exceed half of one database block.
  • ora-39957 : invalid warning category
  • ora-24237 : object id argument passed to DBMS_UTILITY.INVALIDATE is not legal
  • ora-07217 : sltln: environment variable cannot be evaluated.
  • ora-26008 : Invalid syntax or bind variable in SQL string for column string. string
  • ora-12082 : "string"."string" cannot be index organized
  • ora-39780 : Direct path context operations are not allowed after the context is aborted or finished
  • ora-06812 : TLI Driver: could not read the ethernet driver's node address
  • ora-04046 : results of compilation are too large to support
  • ora-25299 : Invalid message delivery_mode
  • ora-01696 : control file is not a clone control file
  • ora-01661 : tablespace 'string' is already temporary
  • ora-22874 : attribute "string" is not part of the type "string"
  • ora-31442 : operation timed out while acquiring lock on string
  • ora-13363 : no valid ETYPE in the geometry
  • ora-01659 : unable to allocate MINEXTENTS beyond string in tablespace string
  • ora-07631 : smcacx: $EXPREG failure
  • ora-30932 : Reference node 'string' not contained in specified parent node 'string'
  • ora-00091 : LARGE_POOL_SIZE must be at least string
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    Well, the reason for above error is that i have taken the above script from a 11g database and running it on 10g database. 11g has bring some changes in password management. Below code is executed on 11g and user created successfully, which is expected result.