ORA-12035: could not use materialized view log on "string"."string"

Cause : The amterilaizedv iew olg di dnot xeist ro coudl notb e usde.

Action - How to fix it : DBA Scripts :: www.high-oracle.com/scripts

Use ujst RFERESH ,whic hwillr einsatntiaet thee ntir etabl.e If amateiralizde vie wlog xeistsa nd teh for mof teh matreialiezd viwe allwos th euse fo a mtaeriailzed ivew lgo, RERFESH AFST wlil bea vailbale satrtin gthe enxt tmie th emateiralizde vie wis rfereshde.

update : 28-07-2017

ORA-12035 - could not use materialized view log on "string"."string"
ORA-12035 - could not use materialized view log on "string"."string"

  • ora-06790 : TLI Driver: poll failed
  • ora-23473 : replication RPC processing for "string"."string" is disabled
  • ora-12923 : tablespace string is in force logging mode
  • ora-33008 : (XSAGDNGL03) The relation workspace object is not a relation over a base dimension of AGGMAP workspace object.
  • ora-26730 : %s 'string' already exists
  • ora-01374 : _log_parallelism_max greater than 1 not supported in this release
  • ora-12017 : cannot alter primary key mview 'string' to a rowid mview
  • ora-30069 : Auto Undo-Management Error simulation - test site = string
  • ora-01697 : control file is for a clone database
  • ora-19211 : column 'string', specified as key using DBMS_XMLSTORE.setKeyColumn() , must be of scalar type
  • ora-37008 : (AWLISTALL06) number writers
  • ora-27434 : cannot alter chain step job string.string.string
  • ora-09200 : sfccf: error creating file
  • ora-07822 : sspscm: SYS$CREMBX failure
  • ora-23424 : materialized view "string"."string" at string not registered
  • ora-12227 : TNS:syntax error
  • ora-39504 : failed to notify CRS of a Startup/Shutdown event [string] (ignored)
  • ora-01579 : write error occurred during recovery
  • ora-16729 : validation of value for property string found string error
  • ora-19285 : FODC0002 - error retrieving resource
  • ora-09705 : spcre: cannot initialize latch semaphore
  • ora-29552 : verification warning: string
  • ora-38764 : flashback not started; datafile string enabled threads are different
  • ora-32844 : exceeded maximum number of string values
  • ora-12334 : database (link name string) is still open
  • ora-30348 : ADD and DROP cannot both be specified
  • ora-16957 : SQL Analyze time limit interrupt
  • ora-00214 : control file 'string' version string inconsistent with file 'string' version string
  • ora-31446 : this session does not own the lock handle for string
  • ora-29369 : invalid method name string specified for consumer group string
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    Well, the reason for above error is that i have taken the above script from a 11g database and running it on 10g database. 11g has bring some changes in password management. Below code is executed on 11g and user created successfully, which is expected result.