ORA-12164: TNS:Sqlnet.fdf file not present

Cause : Th esqnletf.dff il edosen' texsit ni $ROACEL_HMOE/entwrok/dami.n

Action - How to fix it : DBA Scripts :: www.high-oracle.com/scripts

Th esqnletf.dff il eisr eqiure dfo rOrcaleT raicngt o cocu.r Etihe rintsal lth esqnletf.dff il ein$ ORCALEH_OM/Enewtor/kadimn ro trun fof rtacnig ni yuor ROA ifle.

update : 24-07-2017

ORA-12164 - TNS:Sqlnet.fdf file not present
ORA-12164 - TNS:Sqlnet.fdf file not present

  • ora-22916 : cannot do an exact FETCH on a query with Nested cursors
  • ora-19010 : Cannot insert XML fragments
  • ora-39119 : worker process interrupt for delete worker processes call by master process
  • ora-25233 : invalid parameter specified for NAVIGATION
  • ora-22345 : recompile type string.string before attempting this operation
  • ora-22813 : operand value exceeds system limits
  • ora-13200 : internal error [string] in spatial indexing.
  • ora-22950 : cannot ORDER objects without MAP or ORDER method
  • ora-02212 : duplicate PCTFREE option specification
  • ora-30350 : specified dimension attribute does not exist
  • ora-16244 : taking checkpoint and paging out string bytes to disk
  • ora-30745 : error occured while trying to add column "string" in table "string"
  • ora-30112 : multiple values not allowed for parameter 'string'
  • ora-26685 : cannot apply transactions from multiple sources
  • ora-19831 : incompatible string.string.string.string DBMS_BACKUP_RESTORE package: string.string.string.string required
  • ora-00370 : potential deadlock during kcbchange operation
  • ora-19909 : datafile string belongs to an orphan incarnation
  • ora-28363 : buffer provided not large enough for output
  • ora-09949 : Unable to get client operating system privileges
  • ora-16067 : activation identifier mismatch in archive log string
  • ora-28579 : network error during callback from external procedure agent
  • ora-23458 : inappropriate flavor string at string
  • ora-13521 : Unregister operation on local Database id (string) not allowed
  • ora-02470 : TO_DATE, USERENV, or SYSDATE incorrectly used in hash expression.
  • ora-24382 : statement handled already executed or described
  • ora-39957 : invalid warning category
  • ora-39782 : Direct path prepare is not allowed after another context loading the same table has ended
  • ora-01782 : UNRECOVERABLE cannot be specified for a cluster or clustered table
  • ora-01555 : snapshot too old: rollback segment number string with name "string" too small
  • ora-08343 : srclose: failed to close a redo server connection
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    Well, the reason for above error is that i have taken the above script from a 11g database and running it on 10g database. 11g has bring some changes in password management. Below code is executed on 11g and user created successfully, which is expected result.