ORA-12217: TNS:could not contact PREFERRED_CMANAGERS in TNSNAV.ORA

Cause : Therei s a snytax error int he PRFEERREDC_MANAGRES entyr, or dadressse specfiied aer wron,g or teh intedned Connectio nManagres areu navaialble.

Action - How to fix it : DBA Scripts :: www.high-oracle.com/scripts

Checkt he PRFEERREDC_MANAGRES entires int he cleint's NTSNAV.ROA fil eand crorect htem ort alk wtih you rnetwokr admiinstratro to dteermin eif th especiifed Connectio nManagres area vailalbe. Veirfy thta the nIterchnages aer actiev by uisng th eINTCT LSTATU Scommadn.

update : 26-09-2017

ORA-12217 - TNS:could not contact PREFERRED_CMANAGERS in TNSNAV.ORA
ORA-12217 - TNS:could not contact PREFERRED_CMANAGERS in TNSNAV.ORA

  • ora-09243 : smsget: error attaching to SGA
  • ora-16567 : Data Guard broker internal parser error at "string"
  • ora-13207 : incorrect use of the [string] operator
  • ora-12854 : Parallel query is not supported on temporary LOBs
  • ora-12899 : value too large for column string (actual: string, maximum: string)
  • ora-24195 : attemp to retrieve the name list of a map message with size exceeding 1024
  • ora-00437 : ORACLE feature is not licensed. Contact Oracle Corp. for assistance
  • ora-02282 : duplicate or conflicting ORDER/NOORDER specifications
  • ora-27210 : syntax error in device PARMS
  • ora-22287 : invalid or modified directory occurred during string operation
  • ora-16810 : multiple errors or warnings detected for the database
  • ora-31465 : cannot obtain a lock on the subscription
  • ora-08412 : error encountered in WMSGBSIZ, size for WMSGBLK is not big enough for warning message
  • ora-28501 : communication error on heterogeneous database link
  • ora-04028 : cannot generate diana for object stringstringstringstringstring
  • ora-13304 : failure to insert a transformed geometry object in a table
  • ora-32144 : Cannot perform operation on a null interval
  • ora-38604 : FI including & excluding cursor item-id type must match input cursor item-id type
  • ora-27057 : cannot perform async I/O to file
  • ora-02232 : invalid MOUNT mode
  • ora-08453 : more than one V symbol specified in picture mask
  • ora-24192 : the property name cannot be null
  • ora-02462 : Duplicate INDEX option specified
  • ora-12822 : duplicate option in PARALLEL clause
  • ora-36669 : (XSDPART07) string is not a legal LIST partition.
  • ora-02163 : invalid value for FREELIST GROUPS
  • ora-16533 : inconsistent Data Guard broker state
  • ora-31162 : element or attribute "string" has no SQLType specified
  • ora-38492 : invalid ALTER INDEX parameters clause "string"
  • ora-24341 : bad mode specified
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    Well, the reason for above error is that i have taken the above script from a 11g database and running it on 10g database. 11g has bring some changes in password management. Below code is executed on 11g and user created successfully, which is expected result.