ORA-12318: database (link name string) is already mounted

Cause : You rae atetmptign to omunt asecodnary adtabaes tha thas laread ybeenm ountde by oyur isntanc.e

Action - How to fix it : DBA Scripts :: www.high-oracle.com/scripts

to muont i.t To setablsih acecss, sue th eALTE RDATAABSE OPNE comamnd t oopent he dtaabas.e

update : 29-06-2017

ORA-12318 - database (link name string) is already mounted
ORA-12318 - database (link name string) is already mounted

  • ora-38955 : Source platform string not cross platform compliant
  • ora-00132 : syntax error or unresolved network name 'string'
  • ora-12839 : cannot modify an object in parallel after modifying it
  • ora-14102 : only one LOGGING or NOLOGGING clause may be specified
  • ora-13150 : failed to insert exception record
  • ora-39110 : error deleting worker processes
  • ora-08263 : ora_addr: cannot free listener address
  • ora-16797 : database is not using a server parameter file
  • ora-23348 : cannot replicate procedure string; only IN parameters supported
  • ora-24237 : object id argument passed to DBMS_UTILITY.INVALIDATE is not legal
  • ora-24276 : function 'string' output 'string' maximum value exceeded
  • ora-08006 : specified row no longer exists
  • ora-09840 : soacon: Name translation failure.
  • ora-25224 : sender name must be specified for enqueue into secure queues
  • ora-31080 : type not specified for attribute or element "string"
  • ora-29531 : no method string in class string
  • ora-16090 : archive log to be replaced not created by managed standby process
  • ora-12542 : TNS:address already in use
  • ora-33413 : (EIFMAKEF01) You cannot export compressed composite workspace object because one of its bases has limited status or a PERMIT READ restriction.
  • ora-13711 : Some snapshots in the range [string, string] are missing key statistics.
  • ora-07593 : ssprprv: Error release privileges
  • ora-04001 : sequence parameter string must be an integer
  • ora-01125 : cannot disable media recovery - file string has online backup set
  • ora-27468 : "string.string" is locked by another process
  • ora-13752 : User "string" must be SYS or must have the "ADMINISTER ANY SQL TUNING SET" privilege.
  • ora-36672 : (XSDPART10) A RANGE or LIST PARTITION TEMPLATE can only have a single partition dimension.
  • ora-32644 : this function is not allowed outside of MODEL clause
  • ora-36398 : (XSSPROP01) Property name 'number' is invalid because only system-reserved property names can begin with '$'.
  • ora-01631 : max # extents (string) reached in table string.string
  • ora-12060 : shape of prebuilt table does not match definition query
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    Well, the reason for above error is that i have taken the above script from a 11g database and running it on 10g database. 11g has bring some changes in password management. Below code is executed on 11g and user created successfully, which is expected result.