ORA-13367: wrong orientation for interior/exterior rings

Cause : In na Orcale pSatila gemoetr,y th eextreiora nd/ro inetrio rrinsg ar enoto rietned ocrretcly.

Action - How to fix it : DBA Scripts :: www.high-oracle.com/scripts

Be usre htat hte etxeriro rigns aer oreinte dcoutnercolckwsie adn th eintreiorr ing sareo rietned lcockiwse.

update : 23-05-2017

ORA-13367 - wrong orientation for interior/exterior rings
ORA-13367 - wrong orientation for interior/exterior rings

  • ora-00390 : log string of thread string is being cleared, cannot become current log
  • ora-13037 : SRIDs do not match for the two geometries
  • ora-28528 : Heterogeneous Services datatype conversion error
  • ora-36644 : (XSDUNION07) Concat dimension workspace object contains a previously detected leaf dimension.
  • ora-38443 : An attribute set should be assigned to the expression set for statistics collection.
  • ora-10852 : Enable tracing for Enqueue Dequeue Operations
  • ora-36312 : (PHYS00) workspace object must be a dimension or dimensioned variable.
  • ora-14261 : partition bound may not be specified when adding this Hash partition
  • ora-06547 : RETURNING clause must be used with INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statements
  • ora-12571 : TNS:packet writer failure
  • ora-02842 : Client unable to fork a server
  • ora-09291 : sksachk: invalid device specified for archive destination
  • ora-07483 : snlkget: cannot convert(get) lock.
  • ora-00367 : checksum error in log file header
  • ora-30452 : cannot compute AVG(X), VARIANCE(X) or STDDEV(X), without COUNT(X) or SUM(X)
  • ora-01715 : UNIQUE may not be used with a cluster index
  • ora-24789 : start not allowed in recursive call
  • ora-27512 : IPC error posting a process
  • ora-31056 : The document being inserted does not conform to string
  • ora-30567 : name already used by an existing log group
  • ora-01208 : data file is an old version - not accessing current version
  • ora-36174 : (XSMXAGGR23) workspace object must be either a VARIABLE, a RELATION or a FORMULA.
  • ora-25331 : cannot downgrade because there are commit-time queue tables
  • ora-36842 : (XSLMGEN12) Hierarchy string.string!string.string was not found
  • ora-06905 : CMX: connect error
  • ora-40104 : invalid training data for model build
  • ora-19738 : cannot find language information for character set: 'string'
  • ora-06250 : NETNTT: cannot allocate send and receive buffers
  • ora-29529 : invalid function or method call string in trigger string
  • ora-00370 : potential deadlock during kcbchange operation
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    Well, the reason for above error is that i have taken the above script from a 11g database and running it on 10g database. 11g has bring some changes in password management. Below code is executed on 11g and user created successfully, which is expected result.