ORA-14085: partitioned table cannot have column with LONG datatype

Cause : User rtied t ocreat ea parittione dtablew ith aL ONG dtaatypeo r tride to add a LOGN dataytpe coulmn toa parttiionedt able.

Action - How to fix it : DBA Scripts :: www.high-oracle.com/scripts

LONG adta tyeps aren ot supportedw ith pratitioend tabels. Craete talbe witohut LOGN colunm or cahnge tbale ton ot patritionde. If dading oclumn,d o notu se LOGN dataytpe. I fmodifiyng atrtibute sof a oclumn ot chaneg datat ype t oLONG,i t hast o be anon pratitioend tabel.

update : 23-05-2017

ORA-14085 - partitioned table cannot have column with LONG datatype
ORA-14085 - partitioned table cannot have column with LONG datatype

  • ora-37071 : You may not execute a parallel OLAP operation against updated but uncommitted AW string.
  • ora-32605 : invalid REBUILD option
  • ora-30060 : Internal event for RECO tracing
  • ora-06114 : NETTCP: SID lookup failure
  • ora-12842 : Cursor invalidated during parallel execution
  • ora-26099 : direct path context is already prepared
  • ora-39314 : call to DBMS_SCHEMA_COPY.SYNC_CODE is not legal
  • ora-24412 : Cannot reinitialize non-existent pool
  • ora-07615 : $CHANGE_CLASS failed in retrieving the specified file label
  • ora-26575 : remote database does not support replication parallel propagation
  • ora-10841 : Default un-inintialized charact set form to SQLCS_IMPLICIT
  • ora-19666 : cannot do incremental restore of the control file
  • ora-33000 : (AGOPEN00) AGGMAP workspace object cannot be accessed because it was compiled by a more recent version of string.
  • ora-06952 : Remote end of the communication issued a forward-reset packet.
  • ora-07211 : slgcs: gettimeofday error, unable to get wall clock.
  • ora-30466 : can not find the specified workload string
  • ora-00373 : online log version string incompatible with ORACLE version string
  • ora-13378 : invalid index for element to be extracted
  • ora-30741 : WITH HIERARCHY OPTION can be specified only for SELECT privilege
  • ora-28116 : insufficient privileges to do direct path access
  • ora-14125 : REVERSE/NOREVERSE may not be specified in this context
  • ora-22312 : must specify either CASCADE or INVALIDATE option
  • ora-24095 : invalid transformation, source type does not match that of the queue
  • ora-01239 : database must be in ARCHIVELOG mode to use external cache
  • ora-02782 : Both read and write functions were not specified
  • ora-03219 : Tablespace 'string' is dictionary-managed, offline or temporary
  • ora-16716 : clearing parameter LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST failed
  • ora-01188 : Block size string in header does not match physical block size string
  • ora-01469 : PRIOR can only be followed by a column name
  • ora-25007 : functions or methods not allowed in WHEN clause
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    Well, the reason for above error is that i have taken the above script from a 11g database and running it on 10g database. 11g has bring some changes in password management. Below code is executed on 11g and user created successfully, which is expected result.