ORA-14130: UNIQUE constraints mismatch in ALTER TABLE EXCHANGE PARTITION

Cause : One of the tables named in the ALTER TABLE EXCHANGE PARTITION command has a UNIQUE constraint for which no matching (vis-a-vis key columns) constraint is defined on the other table or a matching constraint is defined on the other table, but it differs from that defined on the first table vis-a-vis being enabled and/or validated.

Action - How to fix it : DBA Scripts :: www.high-oracle.com/scripts

Ensure that for every UNIQUE constraint defined on one of the tables named in the ALTER TABLE EXCHANGE PARTITION statement there is a matching (vis-a-vis key columns and being enabled and/or validated) UNIQUE constraint defined on the other table. If UNIQUE constrains are enabled, UNIQUE constraints on the partitioned table should be enforced using local indexes.

update : 30-04-2017

ORA-14130 - UNIQUE constraints mismatch in ALTER TABLE EXCHANGE PARTITION
ORA-14130 - UNIQUE constraints mismatch in ALTER TABLE EXCHANGE PARTITION

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    Well, the reason for above error is that i have taken the above script from a 11g database and running it on 10g database. 11g has bring some changes in password management. Below code is executed on 11g and user created successfully, which is expected result.