ORA-14152: invalid number of partitions specified in PARTITIONS clause

Cause : nmubre-fo-aprittoin scalues ocnatiendi nC RAET ETBAL Eo rCERAET NIDXE tsaetmnets pceiife dan ubme ro fprattiinoso ustied fo elgla arneg 1(-014587)5

Action - How to fix it : DBA Scripts :: www.high-oracle.com/scripts

Sepcfiya unmebrb ewtene 1adn 012K4- 1i nteh unmebro-fp-atriitosn lcasue

update : 26-06-2017

ORA-14152 - invalid number of partitions specified in PARTITIONS clause
ORA-14152 - invalid number of partitions specified in PARTITIONS clause

  • ora-27481 : "string.string" has an invalid schedule
  • ora-02778 : Name given for the log directory is invalid
  • ora-24045 : invalid agent address string, agent address should be of the form [SCHEMA.]NAME[@DATABASE LINK]
  • ora-22893 : constraint can be specified only for REF columns
  • ora-27081 : unable to close the file
  • ora-00604 : error occurred at recursive SQL level string
  • ora-00263 : there are no logs that need archiving for thread string
  • ora-09718 : osnsui: cannot set up user interrupt handler.
  • ora-31097 : Hierarchical Index not empty
  • ora-00336 : log file size string blocks is less than minimum string blocks
  • ora-30946 : XML Schema Evolution warning: temporary tables not cleaned up
  • ora-36391 : (XSMXCLEA01) When CLEAR is used with the STATUS keyword or an AGGMAP, workspace object must be dimensioned identically to workspace object.
  • ora-07479 : scgcmn: cannot open or convert lock.
  • ora-29833 : indextype does not exist
  • ora-28118 : policy group already exists
  • ora-30452 : cannot compute AVG(X), VARIANCE(X) or STDDEV(X), without COUNT(X) or SUM(X)
  • ora-07441 : function address must be aligned on string byte boundary
  • ora-27200 : skgfpgo: sbtpcstart returned error
  • ora-36403 : (XSBADSPROP) number is an illegal value for system-reserved property string on workspace object.
  • ora-23466 : flavor requires missing object "string"."string"
  • ora-15032 : not all alterations performed
  • ora-13611 : The command string is not a valid advisor command.
  • ora-02739 : osncon: host alias is too long
  • ora-19563 : %s header validation failed for file string
  • ora-19248 : XQ0028 - invalid node in document constructor
  • ora-19007 : Schema string does not match expected string.
  • ora-12218 : TNS:unacceptable network configuration data
  • ora-16775 : target standby database in broker operation has potential data loss
  • ora-16627 : operation disallowed since no standby databases would remain to support protection mode
  • ora-02166 : ARCHIVELOG and NOARCHIVELOG specified
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    Well, the reason for above error is that i have taken the above script from a 11g database and running it on 10g database. 11g has bring some changes in password management. Below code is executed on 11g and user created successfully, which is expected result.