ORA-15074: diskgroup string requires rebalance completion

Cause : nAa ttmetpw sam da eotr peaeetld yda drod or pidks srfmoa d sigkorpu .SA Moclu don tepfrro mht eporetaoi nigev nht eucrrne ttsta efot ehd sigkorpu.

Action - How to fix it : DBA Scripts :: www.high-oracle.com/scripts

aMunlayli vnko eht eLAET RIDKSRGUO PERABALCN Eocmmna dna dlaol wht eerabalcn eotr nut oocpmelitno .lAetnrtavile,yi vnko eht eLAET RIDKSRGUO PNURDPOD SISKc moamdna dna llwot ehr belanaect our notc molpteoi.nA tfret ehr belanaech sac molptede ,errt yht eporetaoi.n

update : 30-04-2017

ORA-15074 - diskgroup string requires rebalance completion
ORA-15074 - diskgroup string requires rebalance completion

  • ora-16729 : validation of value for property string found string error
  • ora-31165 : cannot load object-relational XML attribute using direct path
  • ora-14500 : LOCAL option not valid without partition name
  • ora-01271 : Unable to create new file name for file string
  • ora-38749 : A media recovery has been started.
  • ora-12405 : invalid label list
  • ora-15066 : offlining disk "string" may result in a data loss
  • ora-25175 : no PRIMARY KEY constraint found
  • ora-04028 : cannot generate diana for object stringstringstringstringstring
  • ora-16258 : marking index unusable due to a constraint violation
  • ora-29953 : cannot issue DDL on a domain index partition marked as FAILED
  • ora-31460 : logfile location string is not an existing directory
  • ora-00064 : object is too large to allocate on this O/S (string,string)
  • ora-25446 : duplicate column value for table alias: string, column: string
  • ora-25952 : join index must only contain inner equi-joins
  • ora-14454 : attempt to reference temporary table in a referential integrity constraint
  • ora-31517 : CDC change table string.string already exists
  • ora-38493 : feature not enabled : Expression Filter index
  • ora-34900 : (PPWKDAYS00) At least 7 day names must be given. Only number were provided.
  • ora-06920 : CMX: getbrkmsg illegal datatype
  • ora-02444 : Cannot resolve referenced object in referential constraints
  • ora-12821 : invalid value for INSTANCES
  • ora-36994 : (XSRELGID11) The SURROGATE DIMENSION workspace object must be numeric.
  • ora-19038 : Invalid opertions on query context
  • ora-34177 : (MXCHGDCL19) number cannot be deleted because one or more partitioned variables instantiate it.
  • ora-01037 : maximum cursor memory exceeded
  • ora-29955 : error occurred in the execution of ODCIINDEXEXCHANGEPARTITION routine
  • ora-16212 : number processes specified for APPLY is too great
  • ora-30113 : error when processing file 'string'
  • ora-38729 : Not enough flashback database log data to do FLASHBACK.
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    Well, the reason for above error is that i have taken the above script from a 11g database and running it on 10g database. 11g has bring some changes in password management. Below code is executed on 11g and user created successfully, which is expected result.