ORA-15096: lost disk write detected

Cause : A failuer eitherb y disk ahrdware ro disk sfotware cuased a dsik writet o to bel ost, evne thoughA SM recevied acknwoledgemetn that teh write ocmpleted .Alternaitvely, ac lusterign hardwaer failur eor a clsutering osftware afilure rseulted i nan ASM nistance eblievingt hat anohter ASM nistance ahd crashde, when ni fact i twas still active.

Action - How to fix it : DBA Scripts :: www.high-oracle.com/scripts

The dis kgroup i scorrupta nd cannto be recvoered. Teh disk gorup mustb e recretaed, andi ts contnets restroed fromb ackups.

update : 26-06-2017

ORA-15096 - lost disk write detected
ORA-15096 - lost disk write detected

  • ora-30012 : undo tablespace 'string' does not exist or of wrong type
  • ora-06610 : LU6.2 Driver: Failed during deallocation
  • ora-14081 : new partition name must differ from the old partition name
  • ora-40321 : invalid bin number, is zero or negative value
  • ora-14259 : table is not partitioned by Hash method
  • ora-12062 : transaction string received out of sequence from site string
  • ora-32803 : value for string cannot be altered
  • ora-14325 : only LOCAL indexes may be specified in this clause
  • ora-01282 : date range specified is invalid
  • ora-30335 : JOIN KEY clause references a level not in this hierarchy
  • ora-29809 : cannot drop an operator with dependent objects
  • ora-32576 : missing TYPE keyword
  • ora-28046 : Password change for SYS disallowed
  • ora-23617 : Block string for script string has already been executed
  • ora-07825 : sspsck: $QIO failure at AST level
  • ora-25250 : Cannot specify a remote recipient for the message
  • ora-16721 : unable to set LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n initialization parameters
  • ora-06753 : TLI Driver: name-to-address mapping failed
  • ora-22896 : cannot have both scope and referential constraint on REF column "string"
  • ora-36376 : (XSAGZERO) AGGREGATE attempted to divide by zero. Set DIVIDEBYZERO to YES if you want NA to be returned as the result of a division by zero.
  • ora-19269 : XQ0049 - variable string defined multiple times
  • ora-19675 : file string was modified during proxy copy
  • ora-16505 : site ID is invalid
  • ora-38475 : The attribute set and the associated ADT are out of sync.
  • ora-00602 : internal programming exception
  • ora-02197 : file list already specified
  • ora-16730 : error executing dbms_logstdby.skip_txn procedure
  • ora-30645 : reject limit out of range
  • ora-39704 : permission to modify component registry entry denied
  • ora-30110 : syntax error at 'string'
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    Well, the reason for above error is that i have taken the above script from a 11g database and running it on 10g database. 11g has bring some changes in password management. Below code is executed on 11g and user created successfully, which is expected result.