ORA-16172: archive logs detected beyond Terminal End-Of-Redo

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Action - How to fix it : DBA Scripts :: www.high-oracle.com/scripts


update : 25-06-2017

ORA-16172 - archive logs detected beyond Terminal End-Of-Redo
ORA-16172 - archive logs detected beyond Terminal End-Of-Redo

  • ora-19813 : cannot have unavailable file string in DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST
  • ora-28601 : invalid [no]MINIMIZE option
  • ora-01328 : only one build operation may occur at one time
  • ora-19321 : Could not open HTTP connection to host (string): port (string)
  • ora-02354 : error in exporting/importing data string
  • ora-06909 : CMX: error during acknowledge of ORACLE_SID
  • ora-02876 : smpini: Unable to attach to shared memory for PGA
  • ora-17613 : Failed to initialize Oracle Disk Manager library: string
  • ora-31612 : Allocation of process descriptor failed.
  • ora-33290 : (DBERR17) Analytic workspace string cannot be attached in the mode you requested because another user has it attached in an incompatible mode.
  • ora-19249 : XP0029 - value does not match facet of the target type
  • ora-06032 : NETDNT: connect failed, access control data rejected
  • ora-39136 : cannot specify an SCN on a transportable job
  • ora-30107 : parameter name abbreviation 'string' is not unique
  • ora-23305 : internal deferred RPC error: string
  • ora-32318 : cannot rename a materialized view
  • ora-37144 : (MDQUERY01) string is not a valid metadata object type for MDQUERY.
  • ora-14055 : keyword REBUILD in ALTER INDEX REBUILD must immediately follow
  • ora-16002 : database already open for read-write access by another instance
  • ora-01346 : LogMiner processed redo beyond specified reset log scn
  • ora-36808 : (XSTBLFUNC04) The OLAP_TABLE function LEVELREL clause cannot declare number ADT fields from number AW fields.
  • ora-23309 : object string.string of type string exists
  • ora-30334 : illegal dimension level name
  • ora-30067 : Internal Event to turn on nested debugging info
  • ora-02188 : Cannot enable instance publicly
  • ora-28339 : missing or invalid encryption algorithm
  • ora-22055 : unknown sign flag value [string]
  • ora-31532 : cannot enable change source string
  • ora-00448 : normal completion of background process
  • ora-01503 : CREATE CONTROLFILE failed
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    Well, the reason for above error is that i have taken the above script from a 11g database and running it on 10g database. 11g has bring some changes in password management. Below code is executed on 11g and user created successfully, which is expected result.