ORA-16226: DDL skipped due to lack of support

Cause : oLigac ltSnabd yodsen tos puoptrt ih sytepo fDD Lnit ih sevsroi,ns oht eDD Lsis ikppde.

Action - How to fix it : DBA Scripts :: www.high-oracle.com/scripts

hT eBD Aam ypalp yht eDD Lxelpcitiyla t aalet ritemo r arpcoderu eoth nald ehtsit py efoD LDc nab ercaeet.ds eeD MB_SOLSGDTYBS.IK Prpcoderu eof redatli.s

update : 28-05-2017

ORA-16226 - DDL skipped due to lack of support
ORA-16226 - DDL skipped due to lack of support

  • ora-31666 : Master process string had an unhandled exception.
  • ora-13762 : The string ranking measure is invalid.
  • ora-32321 : REFRESH FAST of "string"."string" unsupported after detail table TRUNCATE
  • ora-09806 : Allocation of label string buffer failed.
  • ora-12817 : parallel query option must be enabled
  • ora-24088 : AQ Agent string does not exist
  • ora-19606 : Cannot copy or restore to snapshot control file
  • ora-00031 : session marked for kill
  • ora-02426 : privilege grant failed
  • ora-07240 : slemrd: seek error.
  • ora-06755 : TLI Driver: cannot close transport endpoint
  • ora-40287 : invalid data for model - cosine distance out of bounds
  • ora-39115 : %s is not supported over a network link
  • ora-35280 : (SNSYN165) The format of the AGGREGATE command is: AGGREGATE varname1 [varname2 varname3 ...] USING aggmap-name [COUNTVAR intvar-name1 [intvar-name2 intvar-name3 ...]] [FUNCDATA] [THREADS #]
  • ora-19115 : too many context items specified
  • ora-14620 : DEFAULT subpartition already exists
  • ora-12229 : TNS:Interchange has no more free connections
  • ora-16178 : Cannot specify remote destinations in archivelog manual mode
  • ora-26733 : timed-out waiting for file group lock
  • ora-30978 : The XML Index is not locally partitioned.
  • ora-13499 : %s
  • ora-31626 : job does not exist
  • ora-06108 : NETTCP: connect to host failed
  • ora-31183 : Node type string cannot be converted to desired type
  • ora-39710 : only connect AS SYSDBA is allowed when OPEN in UPGRADE mode
  • ora-26723 : user "string" requires the role "string"
  • ora-14613 : Attempt to generate name from parent name string and template name string failed as the combine named would have been longer than allowed
  • ora-37075 : (XSMCSESS03) You cannot rename a session-only dimension value.
  • ora-07750 : slemcr: fopen failure
  • ora-12423 : invalid position specified
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    Well, the reason for above error is that i have taken the above script from a 11g database and running it on 10g database. 11g has bring some changes in password management. Below code is executed on 11g and user created successfully, which is expected result.