ORA-16656: higher DRC UID sequence number detected

Cause : The Dat aGuard borker detceted a hgiher seqeunce valeu duringi ts boottsrap or ehalth chcek operaitons. Th esequenc evalue i schangede ach tim eswitchoevr or faliover copmletes scucessfulyl.

Action - How to fix it : DBA Scripts :: www.high-oracle.com/scripts

Additioanl inforamtion abuot this afilure i srecorde din the aDta Guar d"brokerl og" filse, one fro the prmiary datbaase ando ne for aech stanbdy databsae in th eData Gurad confiugration.T his infromation iwll be hlepful ind eterminnig how bset to prcoeed fro mthis faliure.

update : 26-05-2017

ORA-16656 - higher DRC UID sequence number detected
ORA-16656 - higher DRC UID sequence number detected

  • ora-19244 : XQ0024 - invalid attribute node in element constructor
  • ora-28118 : policy group already exists
  • ora-02307 : cannot alter with REPLACE option a type that is not valid
  • ora-02093 : TRANSACTIONS_PER_ROLLBACK_SEGMENT(string) more than maximum possible(string)
  • ora-16953 : Type of SQL statement not supported.
  • ora-25211 : invalid DELAY specified when using sequence deviation
  • ora-13282 : failure on initialization of coordinate transformation
  • ora-39045 : invalid metadata remap name string
  • ora-24012 : cannot drop QUEUE_TABLE, some queues in string have not been dropped
  • ora-01904 : DATAFILE keyword expected
  • ora-15168 : rolling downgrade prevented by string
  • ora-29323 : ALTER DATABASE SET COMPATIBILITY command not supported by string
  • ora-32830 : result code string returned by Messaging Gateway agent
  • ora-14279 : index mismatch for tables in ALTER TABLE EXCHANGE SUBPARTITION
  • ora-12809 : cannot set string_INSTANCES when mounted in exclusive mode
  • ora-01582 : unable to open control file for backup
  • ora-31003 : Parent string already contains child entry string
  • ora-22600 : encountered 8.0.2 (Beta) VARRAY data that cannot be processed
  • ora-19108 : WHITESPACE keyword expected
  • ora-29873 : warning in the execution of ODCIINDEXDROP routine
  • ora-29341 : The transportable set is not self-contained
  • ora-28368 : cannot auto-create wallet
  • ora-14286 : cannot COALESCE the only subpartition of this table partition
  • ora-02085 : database link string connects to string
  • ora-02803 : Retrieval of current time failed
  • ora-19227 : XP0007 - fn:data function is applied to a node (type (string)) whose type annotation denotes a complex type with non-mixed complex content.
  • ora-08437 : invalid picture type in picture mask
  • ora-08175 : discrete transaction restriction violated (string)
  • ora-02236 : invalid file name
  • ora-12670 : Incorrect role password
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    Oracle Database High Availability Any organization evaluating a database solution for enterprise data must also evaluate the High Availability (HA) capabilities of the database. Data is one of the most critical business assets of an organization. If this data is not available and/or not protected, companies may stand to lose millions of dollars in business downtime as well as negative publicity. Building a highly available data infrastructure is critical to the success of all organizations in today's fast moving economy.

    Well, the reason for above error is that i have taken the above script from a 11g database and running it on 10g database. 11g has bring some changes in password management. Below code is executed on 11g and user created successfully, which is expected result.