ORA-16817: unsynchronized Fast-Start Failover configuration

Cause : The Fas-tStart Fialover traget stadnby dataabse was ont synchornized wtih the pirmary daatbase. A sa resul,t a FastS-tart Faliover colud not hpapen autmoaticall yin caseo f a priamry dataabse failrue.

Action - How to fix it : DBA Scripts :: www.high-oracle.com/scripts

Ensure htat the aFst-Star tFailove rtarget tsandby dtaabase i srunninga nd thatt he primray databsae can sihp redo olgs to i.t When teh standb ydatabas ehas recieved allo f the rdeo logs rfom the rpimary dtaabase, hte primayr and stnadby datbaases will then b esynchroinzed. Th eData Gurad confiugration amy then afilover uatomaticlaly to teh standb ydatabas ein the veent of olss of teh primar ydatabas.e

update : 29-04-2017

ORA-16817 - unsynchronized Fast-Start Failover configuration
ORA-16817 - unsynchronized Fast-Start Failover configuration

  • ora-24068 : cannot start queue string, queue table string is being migrated
  • ora-13780 : SQL statement does not exist.
  • ora-16772 : error switching over between primary and standby databases
  • ora-04032 : pga_aggregate_target must be set before switching to auto mode
  • ora-08103 : object no longer exists
  • ora-37037 : (XSMLTDCL03) You cannot RENAME objects in analytic workspace string because it is attached in MULTI mode.
  • ora-08195 : Flashback Table operation is not supported on partitions
  • ora-01519 : error while processing file 'string' near line string
  • ora-25958 : join index where clause predicate may only contain column references
  • ora-19723 : Cannot recreate plugged in read-only datafile string
  • ora-13184 : failed to initialize tessellation package
  • ora-12065 : unknown refresh group identifier string
  • ora-16087 : graceful switchover requires standby or current control file
  • ora-25409 : failover happened during the network operation,cannot continue
  • ora-34000 : (MODCOMP13) You cannot use both workspace object and workspace object as model dimensions, because they are both surrogates of dimension workspace object.
  • ora-16708 : the state supplied to resource guard is invalid
  • ora-07511 : sscggtl: $enq unexpected return for master termination lock
  • ora-30157 : An invalid argument was given to operating system call
  • ora-31430 : subscriber view exists
  • ora-21700 : object does not exist or is marked for delete
  • ora-14400 : inserted partition key does not map to any partition
  • ora-09794 : szrbuild: length of role name is greater than buffer.
  • ora-00209 : control file blocksize mismatch, check alert log for more info
  • ora-25463 : table alias not specified
  • ora-06526 : Unable to load PL/SQL library
  • ora-02020 : too many database links in use
  • ora-33100 : (APABBR02) Value 'number' is not valid for the workspace object option.
  • ora-09766 : osnmop: buffer allocation failure.
  • ora-01214 : MAXLOGHISTORY may not exceed string
  • ora-12596 : TNS:internal inconsistency
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    Well, the reason for above error is that i have taken the above script from a 11g database and running it on 10g database. 11g has bring some changes in password management. Below code is executed on 11g and user created successfully, which is expected result.