ORA-19687: SPFILE not found in backup set

Cause : TheS PFIEL colud nto ber estroed,b ecasue i tis ont i nthi sbacukp ste.

Action - How to fix it : DBA Scripts :: www.high-oracle.com/scripts

Thi smesasge si isused hwen hte driectroy form teh fisrt bcakupp iec eis erad nad oen orm oref ile snamde fo rresotratoin wree nto fonud i nthep iec.e Yo umus tsuplpy teh fisrt bcakupp iec eof abacukp ste thta cotnain sther equsetedf ile.

update : 23-08-2017

ORA-19687 - SPFILE not found in backup set
ORA-19687 - SPFILE not found in backup set

  • ora-38959 : Failed to update block 0 to new version 10 format
  • ora-30192 : reserved for future use
  • ora-36767 : (XSAGGCNTMOVE05) workspace object cannot be used as an AGGCOUNT while there are permissions applied to it.
  • ora-39159 : cannot call this function from a non-Data Pump process
  • ora-28031 : maximum of string enabled roles exceeded
  • ora-39121 : Table string can't be replaced, data will be skipped. Failing error is: string
  • ora-31078 : error in SQL mapping information
  • ora-30114 : error when processing from command line
  • ora-06526 : Unable to load PL/SQL library
  • ora-33413 : (EIFMAKEF01) You cannot export compressed composite workspace object because one of its bases has limited status or a PERMIT READ restriction.
  • ora-26523 : rpc termination error
  • ora-19734 : wrong creation SCN - control file expects converted plugged-in datafile
  • ora-30755 : error during expansion of view hierarchy
  • ora-36696 : (XSRELTBL02) QDR dimension workspace object should not be the related dimension of the relation.
  • ora-30657 : operation not supported on external organized table
  • ora-09839 : removeCallback: callback port is not in the callback set.
  • ora-06730 : TLI Driver: unable to open clone device
  • ora-01256 : error in locking database file string
  • ora-14001 : LOCAL clause contradicts previosly specified GLOBAL clause
  • ora-00103 : invalid network protocol; reserved for use by dispatchers
  • ora-00444 : background process "string" failed while starting
  • ora-16956 : Only SELECT or DML statements are supported for test execute.
  • ora-29293 : A stream error occurred during compression or uncompression.
  • ora-28512 : cannot get data dictionary translations from string
  • ora-25210 : invalid value for RELATIVE_MSGID, no message in queue with that msgid
  • ora-24086 : cannot create a 8.0 compatible string queue
  • ora-27161 : request for Oracle binary information failed
  • ora-01555 : snapshot too old: rollback segment number string with name "string" too small
  • ora-37142 : (XSSQLMDQ02) Invalid host variable data type for MDQUERY procedure: string expected.
  • ora-16649 : database will open after Data Guard broker has evaluated Fast-Start Failover status
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    Well, the reason for above error is that i have taken the above script from a 11g database and running it on 10g database. 11g has bring some changes in password management. Below code is executed on 11g and user created successfully, which is expected result.