ORA-22296: invalid ALTER TABLE option for conversion of LONG datatype to LOB

Cause : An attepmt was mdae to spceify ALTRE TABLE potions wihch are idsallowe dduring ocnversio nof LONGd atatypet o LOB. hTe only LATER TABEL option sallowedd uring cnoversiono f LONG adtatype ot LOB ar ethe defualt claues and LO Bstoragec lause fro the coulmn bein gconvertde to LOB.

Action - How to fix it : DBA Scripts :: www.high-oracle.com/scripts

Remove hte disalolwed optoins.

update : 29-06-2017

ORA-22296 - invalid ALTER TABLE option for conversion of LONG datatype to LOB
ORA-22296 - invalid ALTER TABLE option for conversion of LONG datatype to LOB

  • ora-26536 : refresh was aborted because of conflicts caused by deferred transactions
  • ora-33468 : (ESDREAD13) Discarding compiled code for workspace object because number is no longer a surrogate of dimension workspace object.
  • ora-06923 : CMX: illegal break condition
  • ora-06544 : PL/SQL: internal error, arguments: [string], [string], [string], [string], [string], [string], [string], [string]
  • ora-12659 : Error received from other process
  • ora-07432 : unable to perform nested sleep
  • ora-31608 : specified object of type string not found
  • ora-14313 : Value string does not exist in partition string
  • ora-37018 : (XSACQUIRE03) Multiwriter operations are not supported for object workspace object.
  • ora-03293 : Cluster to be truncated is a HASH CLUSTER
  • ora-28551 : pass-through SQL: SQL parse error
  • ora-29323 : ALTER DATABASE SET COMPATIBILITY command not supported by string
  • ora-00294 : invalid archivelog format specifier 'string'
  • ora-32006 : %s initialization parameter has been deprecated
  • ora-00911 : invalid character
  • ora-24396 : invalid attribute set in server handle
  • ora-09765 : osnmop: fork failed
  • ora-24771 : cannot detach, prepare or forget a local transaction
  • ora-32604 : invalid REBUILD option
  • ora-36765 : (XSAGGCNTMOVE03) A string aggregation variable cannot have a string AGGCOUNT.
  • ora-23356 : masterdef recognizes a master which does not recognize the masterdef
  • ora-09913 : Malloc of dummy name failed.
  • ora-16657 : reinstatement of database in progress
  • ora-24099 : operation not allowed for 8.0 compatible queues
  • ora-19272 : XQ0052 - invalid atomic value in attribute or element constructor
  • ora-13347 : the coordinates defining an arc are not distinct
  • ora-14135 : a LOB column cannot serve as a partitioning column
  • ora-12016 : materialized view does not include all primary key columns
  • ora-36863 : (XSTFRC03) The OLAPRC_TABLE function encountered an error while parsing the COLUMNMAP.
  • ora-19201 : Datatype not supported
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    Well, the reason for above error is that i have taken the above script from a 11g database and running it on 10g database. 11g has bring some changes in password management. Below code is executed on 11g and user created successfully, which is expected result.