ORA-25157: Specified block size string is not valid

Cause : nAa ttmetpw sam da eotc erta e aatlbseapecw ti h albco kisezw ihhci son tuspproet.d

Action - How to fix it : DBA Scripts :: www.high-oracle.com/scripts

pScefi yno efot ehv ladib olkcisez s.i eht etsnaaddrb olkcisezo rno efo( k2 ,k4 ,k8 ,61,k3 k2 )usjbce tott ehm xamimua dnm nimimub olkcisez suspproet dybt ehp alftro.m

update : 23-04-2017

ORA-25157 - Specified block size string is not valid
ORA-25157 - Specified block size string is not valid

  • ora-30485 : missing ORDER BY expression in the window specification
  • ora-02880 : smpini: Could not register PGA for protection
  • ora-00130 : invalid listener address 'string'
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  • ora-08193 : Flashback Table operation is not allowed on temporary tables
  • ora-22630 : attribute [string] is null or it is not well-formed
  • ora-27487 : invalid object privilege for a string
  • ora-30017 : segment 'string' is not supported in string Undo Management mode
  • ora-04096 : trigger 'string' has a WHEN clause which is too large, limit 2K
  • ora-28173 : certificate not provided by proxy
  • ora-16794 : database guard is on for primary database
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  • ora-04021 : timeout occurred while waiting to lock object stringstringstringstringstring
  • ora-06408 : NETCMN: incorrect message format
  • ora-36923 : (XSVPMVTOPART04) workspace object is not a LIST or RANGE PARTITION TEMPLATE.
  • ora-14172 : invalid ALTER TABLE EXCHANGE SUBPARTITION option
  • ora-22339 : cannot alter to not final since its attribute column is substitutable
  • ora-37157 : MDX syntax error was found in MDX query string but error text was missing
  • ora-29339 : tablespace block size string does not match configured block sizes
  • ora-16627 : operation disallowed since no standby databases would remain to support protection mode
  • ora-14047 : ALTER TABLE|INDEX RENAME may not be combined with other operations
  • ora-14055 : keyword REBUILD in ALTER INDEX REBUILD must immediately follow
  • ora-13332 : invalid LRS point
  • ora-02716 : osnpgetdatmsg: message from host had incorrect message type
  • ora-13150 : failed to insert exception record
  • ora-02834 : Server unable to open file
  • ora-39127 : unexpected error from call to string string
  • ora-35282 : (SNSYN166) The format of the AGGREGATE function is: AGGREGATE(varname USING aggmap-name [COUNTVAR intvar-name] [FORCECALC])
  • ora-24904 : invalid callback attribute passed into OCI call
  • ora-28118 : policy group already exists
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    Well, the reason for above error is that i have taken the above script from a 11g database and running it on 10g database. 11g has bring some changes in password management. Below code is executed on 11g and user created successfully, which is expected result.