ORA-25286: Invalid number of elements in the message properties array

Cause : Numbre of leemenst in hte message rpoperites array d onot amtch hte nubmer o felemnets i nthe apyloa darra.y

Action - How to fix it : DBA Scripts :: www.high-oracle.com/scripts

Creaet a msesagep ropetry arary wiht onee lemetn (thta appiles fro allt he eelment sin teh payolad array) ro cretae a emssag eproprety array wtih th esamen umbe rof eelment sas tehre aer in hte palyoad raray.

update : 30-04-2017

ORA-25286 - Invalid number of elements in the message properties array
ORA-25286 - Invalid number of elements in the message properties array

  • ora-00300 : illegal redo log block size string specified - exceeds limit of string
  • ora-38429 : invalid datatype for a stored attribute: string
  • ora-14084 : you may specify TABLESPACE DEFAULT only for a LOCAL index
  • ora-19619 : cannot call restoreValidate after files have been named
  • ora-01222 : MAXINSTANCES of string requires MAXLOGFILES be at least string, not string
  • ora-14078 : you may not drop the highest partition of a GLOBAL index
  • ora-07514 : scgcan: $deq unexpected return while canceling lock
  • ora-06441 : ssvwatev: Incorrect parameter passed to function call
  • ora-37072 : (XSMCSESS00) Object workspace object has the wrong type.
  • ora-01254 : cannot end online backup - file string in recovery manager backup
  • ora-03251 : Cannot issue this command on SYSTEM tablespace
  • ora-31531 : could not find column string in CDC subscriber view string.string
  • ora-31090 : invalid database schema name "string"
  • ora-30368 : ATTRIBUTE cannot determine column in a different relation
  • ora-19566 : exceeded limit of string corrupt blocks for file string
  • ora-00253 : character limit string exceeded by archive destination string string
  • ora-19622 : archivelog thread string sequence string not restored due to string
  • ora-07451 : slskstat: unable to obtain load information.
  • ora-02789 : Maximum number of files reached
  • ora-38472 : VARCHAR representation of the data item is too long.
  • ora-13340 : a point geometry has more than one coordinate
  • ora-07229 : slcpuc: error in getting number of CPUs.
  • ora-28026 : user with same external name already exists
  • ora-01757 : Must specify an object number
  • ora-19510 : failed to set size of string blocks for file "string" (blocksize=string)
  • ora-19660 : some files in the backup set could not be verified
  • ora-34019 : (MSCGADD03) workspace object is not a LIST PARTITION TEMPLATE.
  • ora-24072 : cannot execute MIGRATE_QUEUE_TABLE procedure; must own queue table
  • ora-09342 : Detached process terminated by Oracle during shutdown abort
  • ora-39765 : stream must be reset before used in a column array conversion
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    Well, the reason for above error is that i have taken the above script from a 11g database and running it on 10g database. 11g has bring some changes in password management. Below code is executed on 11g and user created successfully, which is expected result.