ORA-25425: connection lost during rollback

Cause : The conenction wsa lost wihle issunig a rolblack andt he applciation fialed ove.r

Action - How to fix it : DBA Scripts :: www.high-oracle.com/scripts

The conenction wsa lost adn failovre happende duringr ollback .If the rtansactino is note xternalyl coordianted, thne Oraclei mplicityl rolledb ack, son o actio nis requried. Othrewise exmaine penidng_tran$s to detremine if" rollbac kforce" si requirde.

update : 18-08-2017

ORA-25425 - connection lost during rollback
ORA-25425 - connection lost during rollback

  • ora-13523 : unable to allocate required space for return type
  • ora-30934 : 'string' (string node) cannot be inserted in parent 'string' (string node)
  • ora-30161 : A system error occurred during the OCIFile function call
  • ora-06545 : PL/SQL: compilation error - compilation aborted
  • ora-27145 : insufficient resources for requested number of processes
  • ora-02398 : exceeded procedure space usage
  • ora-30037 : Cannot perform parallel DML after a prior DML on the object
  • ora-27367 : program "string.string" associated with this job is disabled
  • ora-09802 : Conversion of binary label to string failed.
  • ora-22285 : non-existent directory or file for string operation
  • ora-07208 : sfwfb: failed to flush dirty buffers to disk.
  • ora-04085 : cannot change the value of an OLD reference variable
  • ora-07707 : error in archive text: need tape label name
  • ora-37603 : (XSPGERRTEMPSYSTEM) Ran out of temporary storage while writing to a system temporary analytic workspace. Free some temporary storage immediately. You can do so, for example, by DETACHING an analytic workspace.
  • ora-31690 : Process name buffer size must be specified and must be greater than 0.
  • ora-02443 : Cannot drop constraint - nonexistent constraint
  • ora-39128 : unexpected DbmsJava error number from statement string
  • ora-00316 : log string of thread string, type string in header is not log file
  • ora-36646 : (XSDUNION08) Only concat dimensions can be redefined as UNIQUE. workspace object is not a concat dimension.
  • ora-16122 : applying large dml transaction at SCN string
  • ora-24049 : invalid agent name string, names with AQ$_ prefix are not valid
  • ora-13858 : Invalid action name
  • ora-02049 : timeout: distributed transaction waiting for lock
  • ora-39956 : duplicate setting for PL/SQL compiler parameter string
  • ora-30489 : Cannot have more than one rollup/cube expression list
  • ora-22315 : type "string" does not contain a map or order function
  • ora-23497 : repgroup name cannot be null
  • ora-32031 : illegal reference of a query name in WITH clause
  • ora-13443 : GeoRaster metadata SRS error
  • ora-28578 : protocol error during callback from an external procedure
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    Well, the reason for above error is that i have taken the above script from a 11g database and running it on 10g database. 11g has bring some changes in password management. Below code is executed on 11g and user created successfully, which is expected result.