ORA-26079: file "string" is not part of table string.string

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Action - How to fix it : DBA Scripts :: www.high-oracle.com/scripts

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update : 29-05-2017

ORA-26079 - file "string" is not part of table string.string
ORA-26079 - file "string" is not part of table string.string

  • ora-37140 : (XSCCOMP15) Cannot AGGREGATE partitioned variable workspace object using AGGMAP workspace object because you cannot use the base of a COMPRESSED COMPOSITE as a partition dimension.
  • ora-23399 : generation of replication support for "string"."string" is not complete
  • ora-10948 : trace name context forever
  • ora-14067 : duplicate TABLESPACE_NUMBER specification
  • ora-12571 : TNS:packet writer failure
  • ora-13148 : failed to generate SQL filter
  • ora-06549 : PL/SQL: failed to dynamically open shared object (DLL): string
  • ora-38905 : DML error logging is not supported for LONG column "string"
  • ora-29740 : evicted by member string, group incarnation string
  • ora-06977 : X.25 Driver: X.25 Level 2 failure
  • ora-33998 : (MODCOMP12) You cannot use both workspace object and workspace object as model dimensions, because workspace object is a surrogate of workspace object.
  • ora-01618 : redo thread string is not enabled - cannot mount
  • ora-13340 : a point geometry has more than one coordinate
  • ora-31497 : invalid value specified for first_scn
  • ora-23314 : database is not a materialized view site for "string"."string"
  • ora-38310 : cannot purge tablespace for other users
  • ora-10643 : Database should be mounted in restricted mode and Exclusive mode
  • ora-04077 : WHEN clause cannot be used with table level triggers
  • ora-31526 : could not find source table string.string for CDC change table string.string
  • ora-39055 : The string feature is not supported in version string.
  • ora-12054 : cannot set the ON COMMIT refresh attribute for the materialized view
  • ora-16625 : cannot reach the database
  • ora-19510 : failed to set size of string blocks for file "string" (blocksize=string)
  • ora-14082 : new partition name must differ from that of any other partition of the object
  • ora-32020 : SID=* clause needed to modify this parameter
  • ora-30458 : 'string.string' cannot be refreshed because the refresh mask is string
  • ora-37134 : (XSCCOMP09) You cannot add new values to workspace object because it includes positions for precomputed aggregate values.
  • ora-26096 : transfer size too small for row data (number bytes required)
  • ora-16823 : redo transport mode is incompatible for current operation
  • ora-38434 : could not evaluate expression "string"
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    Well, the reason for above error is that i have taken the above script from a 11g database and running it on 10g database. 11g has bring some changes in password management. Below code is executed on 11g and user created successfully, which is expected result.