ORA-26679: operation not allowed on LOB or LONG columns in LCR

Cause : Certai noperatoins on OLB/LONGc olumnso f the CLR throguh ruleb-ased tarnsformtaions, MDL handelrs, ore rror hnadlers ewre nota llowed.

Action - How to fix it : DBA Scripts :: www.high-oracle.com/scripts

Do notp erformr estricetd opertaions o nLOB orL ONG coulmns inL CRs. See the dcoumentaiton foro peratinos thata re resrticted no LOB/LNOG colunms in LRCs.

update : 25-04-2017

ORA-26679 - operation not allowed on LOB or LONG columns in LCR
ORA-26679 - operation not allowed on LOB or LONG columns in LCR

  • ora-09241 : smsalo: error allocating SGA memory
  • ora-01570 : MINEXTENTS must be no larger than the string extents currently allocated
  • ora-06513 : PL/SQL: index for PL/SQL table out of range for host language array
  • ora-30183 : invalid field width specifier
  • ora-19735 : wrong creation SCN - control file expects initial plugged-in datafile
  • ora-14257 : cannot move partition other than a Range or Hash partition
  • ora-33338 : (DSSEXIST05) You cannot specify the EXPTEMP analytic workspace.
  • ora-39210 : A PCTSPACE adjustment of string is invalid.
  • ora-12844 : cluster reconfiguration in progress
  • ora-31610 : cannot call this function from a non-master process
  • ora-14301 : table-level attributes must be specified before partition-level attributes
  • ora-26734 : different datafiles_directory_object parameter must be specified
  • ora-30737 : cannot create subtable of a type which is not a subtype of the type of the supertable
  • ora-36280 : (XSCGMDLAGG08) Valueset workspace object does not contain values of any dimension of the current model.
  • ora-16223 : DDL skipped, unsupported in current version
  • ora-00303 : cannot process Parallel Redo
  • ora-12333 : database (link name string) is not mounted
  • ora-00132 : syntax error or unresolved network name 'string'
  • ora-16760 : resource guard could not start SQL Apply
  • ora-02465 : Inappropriate use of the HASH IS option
  • ora-27465 : invalid value string for attribute string
  • ora-00983 : cannot audit or noaudit SYS user actions
  • ora-32315 : REFRESH FAST of "string"."string" unsupported after mixed DML and Direct Load
  • ora-30352 : inconsistent numeric precision or string length
  • ora-06779 : TLI Driver: error reading ccode
  • ora-16501 : the Data Guard broker operation failed
  • ora-01479 : last character in the buffer is not Null
  • ora-00107 : failed to connect to ORACLE listener process
  • ora-10585 : Test recovery can not apply redo that may modify control file
  • ora-29521 : referenced name string could not be found
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    Well, the reason for above error is that i have taken the above script from a 11g database and running it on 10g database. 11g has bring some changes in password management. Below code is executed on 11g and user created successfully, which is expected result.