ORA-27069: attempt to do I/O beyond the range of the file

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Action - How to fix it : DBA Scripts :: www.high-oracle.com/scripts

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update : 26-06-2017

ORA-27069 - attempt to do I/O beyond the range of the file
ORA-27069 - attempt to do I/O beyond the range of the file

  • ora-16758 : the specified apply instance is not running
  • ora-13836 : invalid attribute value specified
  • ora-16165 : LGWR failed to hear from network server
  • ora-24073 : cannot specify RETENTION_TIME on exception queue string.string
  • ora-00104 : deadlock detected; all public servers blocked waiting for resources
  • ora-24383 : Overflow segment of an IOT cannot be described
  • ora-19525 : temporary file for the clone database must be renamed
  • ora-15091 : operation incompatible with open handle in this session
  • ora-09953 : scggc: unexpected return of a lock convert
  • ora-19115 : too many context items specified
  • ora-02235 : this table logs changes to another table already
  • ora-28553 : pass-through SQL: invalid bind-variable position
  • ora-01294 : error occurred while processing information in dictionary file string, possible corruption
  • ora-10372 : parallel query server kill event proc
  • ora-16162 : Cannot add new standby databases to protected configuration
  • ora-30014 : operation only supported in Automatic Undo Management mode
  • ora-14051 : invalid ALTER MATERIALIZED VIEW option
  • ora-36682 : (XSDPART20) Partition name string appears twice.
  • ora-23462 : flavor string in use at site string
  • ora-25222 : enqueue failed, complete sender info. not provided for a queue supporting non-repudiation
  • ora-24159 : invalid variable definiton
  • ora-25313 : a queue may not subscribe to itself for propagation
  • ora-31047 : Could not retrieve resource data at path string
  • ora-13501 : Cannot drop SYSAUX tablespace
  • ora-36710 : (XSMXALLOC01) TARGETLOG variable workspace object must be dimensioned identically to TARGET variable workspace object.
  • ora-26059 : Data is too large for column string
  • ora-19599 : block number string is corrupt in string string
  • ora-25181 : missing ON keyword for NESTED INDEX
  • ora-16238 : attempt to use version 9 log
  • ora-33445 : (ESDREAD15) Discarding compiled code for workspace object because workspace object and workspace object, which were not partition-dependent when the code was compiled, are now partition-dependent.
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    Well, the reason for above error is that i have taken the above script from a 11g database and running it on 10g database. 11g has bring some changes in password management. Below code is executed on 11g and user created successfully, which is expected result.