ORA-27192: skgfcls: sbtclose2 returned error - failed to close file

Cause : sbtclose2 returned an error. This happens while closing a backup file during a backup or restore operation.

Action - How to fix it : DBA Scripts :: www.high-oracle.com/scripts

This error is returned from the media management software which is linked with Oracle. There should be additional messages which explain the cause of the error. This error usually requires contacting the media management vendor.

update : 27-06-2017

ORA-27192 - skgfcls: sbtclose2 returned error - failed to close file
ORA-27192 - skgfcls: sbtclose2 returned error - failed to close file

  • ora-09321 : slzdtb: unable to convert zoned decimal to binary
  • ora-12454 : label string does not exist for policy string
  • ora-30433 : 'string.string' is not a summary
  • ora-07278 : splon: ops$username exceeds buffer length.
  • ora-38756 : Flashback is already turned off for this tablespace.
  • ora-28280 : Multiple entries for ORACLE database password exist.
  • ora-39077 : unable to subscribe agent string to queue "string"
  • ora-16167 : LGWR network server could not switch to non-blocking mode
  • ora-28137 : Invalid FGA audit Handler
  • ora-25105 : RECOVERABLE option can only be used with ALTER INDEX REBUILD
  • ora-36982 : (XSRELGID03) The grouping variable/relation workspace object must be dimensioned by all dimensions of the source relation workspace object that have more than one value in status.
  • ora-12487 : clearance labels not between DBHIGH and DBLOW
  • ora-16812 : log apply service not running on apply instance recorded by the broker
  • ora-23415 : materialized view log for "string"."string" does not record the primary key
  • ora-27155 : could not execute file
  • ora-02842 : Client unable to fork a server
  • ora-09986 : wrong number of bytes read from SGA definition file
  • ora-16201 : Skip procedure requested to apply statement
  • ora-16037 : user requested cancel of managed recovery operation
  • ora-00295 : datafile/tempfile number string is invalid, must be between 1 and string
  • ora-23480 : Column string is not a top-level column of "string"."string".
  • ora-00348 : single-process redo failure. Must abort instance
  • ora-32616 : missing DIMENSION BY keyword in MODEL clause
  • ora-00068 : invalid value string for parameter string, must be between string and string
  • ora-01649 : operation not allowed with a backup control file
  • ora-30163 : The thread safety initialization failed
  • ora-30014 : operation only supported in Automatic Undo Management mode
  • ora-01595 : error freeing extent (string) of rollback segment (string))
  • ora-29363 : plan directive string, string is mandatory and cannot be modified or deleted
  • ora-19236 : XQ0016 - module declaration or import not supported
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    Well, the reason for above error is that i have taken the above script from a 11g database and running it on 10g database. 11g has bring some changes in password management. Below code is executed on 11g and user created successfully, which is expected result.