ORA-38476: abstract type used for an Attribute set may not be modified.

Cause : Ana ttmeptw asm ad etoa ltre at yp e(ATD) htati s suedt o aminatina n tatrbiut ese tofa n xEprsesino ste.

Action - How to fix it : DBA Scripts :: www.high-oracle.com/scripts

Don otm odfiy hte DAT idretcly .Us eDBSM_EPXFI LAPsI isnteda.

update : 26-05-2017

ORA-38476 - abstract type used for an Attribute set may not be modified.
ORA-38476 - abstract type used for an Attribute set may not be modified.

  • ora-31623 : a job is not attached to this session via the specified handle
  • ora-19226 : XP0006 - XQuery dynamic type mismatch: expected string got string
  • ora-12024 : materialized view log on "string"."string" does not have primary key columns
  • ora-28664 : a partitioned table may not be coalesced as a whole
  • ora-26094 : stream format error: input column overflow
  • ora-30980 : Invalid Input.
  • ora-27001 : unsupported device type
  • ora-02818 : Less than the number of blocks requested was read in
  • ora-01209 : data file is from before the last RESETLOGS
  • ora-12450 : LOB datatype disabled in LBAC initialization file
  • ora-18015 : invalid source outline signature
  • ora-12335 : database (link name string) is not open
  • ora-26753 : Mismatched columns found in 'string.string'
  • ora-13022 : polygon crosses itself
  • ora-31101 : Token "string" not given while locking resource "string"
  • ora-24310 : length specified for null connect string
  • ora-13211 : failed to tessellate the window object
  • ora-30048 : Internal event for IMU auto-tuning
  • ora-26064 : Invalid SCN specified - Wrap: string Base: string.
  • ora-31667 : parameter name can not be defaulted
  • ora-00270 : error creating archive log string
  • ora-12536 : TNS:operation would block
  • ora-01900 : LOGFILE keyword expected
  • ora-07210 : slcpu: getrusage error, unable to get cpu time.
  • ora-00331 : log version string incompatible with ORACLE version string
  • ora-09969 : unable to close or remove lock file
  • ora-13484 : the file format and/or compression type is not supported
  • ora-10244 : make tranids in error msgs print as 0.0.0 (for testing)
  • ora-15024 : discovered duplicately numbered ASM disk string
  • ora-24372 : invalid object for describe
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    Well, the reason for above error is that i have taken the above script from a 11g database and running it on 10g database. 11g has bring some changes in password management. Below code is executed on 11g and user created successfully, which is expected result.