ORA-38479: creation of system trigger EXPFIL_RESTRICT_TYPEEVOLVE failed

Cause : The cerationo f sysetm trigger EXFPIL_RETSRICT_YTPEEVOVLE faield duet o misisng Exrpessio nFilte rdictinoary tbales.

Action - How to fix it : DBA Scripts :: www.high-oracle.com/scripts

Try ac lean nistalltaion aagin. I fthis reror i signorde, theu ser wlil be bale toe volveA DTs associatde witht he atrtibutes et, tuhs cauisng spruious rerors.

update : 25-05-2017

ORA-38479 - creation of system trigger EXPFIL_RESTRICT_TYPEEVOLVE failed
ORA-38479 - creation of system trigger EXPFIL_RESTRICT_TYPEEVOLVE failed

  • ora-22883 : object deletion failed
  • ora-22826 : cannot construct an instance of a non instantiable type
  • ora-32335 : dimension must have at least one level
  • ora-08314 : sllfcf: Error closing file
  • ora-16618 : response document of size "string" bytes is too large
  • ora-33452 : (ESDREAD06) Discarding compiled code for workspace object because number is now dimensioned by workspace object. It was dimensioned by workspace object when the code was compiled.
  • ora-19103 : VALUE keyword keyword
  • ora-25185 : index column other than last can not be specified for INCLUDE clause
  • ora-04091 : table string.string is mutating, trigger/function may not see it
  • ora-13136 : null common code generated
  • ora-01671 : control file is a backup, cannot make a standby control file
  • ora-28139 : Maximum allowed Fine Grain Audit Policies Exceeded
  • ora-13825 : missing SQL statement text for create SQL profile
  • ora-26711 : remote table does not contain a primary key constraint
  • ora-01424 : missing or illegal character following the escape character
  • ora-07640 : smsget: SGA not yet valid. Initialization in progress
  • ora-40222 : data mining model export failed, job name=string, error=string
  • ora-12462 : undefined compartment string for policy string
  • ora-23343 : no match for specified conflict resolution information
  • ora-23406 : insufficient privileges on user "string"
  • ora-28153 : Invalid client initial role specified: 'string'
  • ora-12449 : Labels specified for user must be of type USER
  • ora-31491 : could not add logfile to LogMiner session
  • ora-12601 : TNS:information flags check failed
  • ora-32743 : command cannot be executed on remote instance
  • ora-13148 : failed to generate SQL filter
  • ora-09974 : skxfidini: Error Initializing SDI Channel
  • ora-07324 : smpall: malloc error while allocating pga.
  • ora-24198 : attempt to use an invalid operation ID
  • ora-13503 : Creating SYSAUX tablespace with invalid attributes
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    Well, the reason for above error is that i have taken the above script from a 11g database and running it on 10g database. 11g has bring some changes in password management. Below code is executed on 11g and user created successfully, which is expected result.