ORA-39214: Data Pump does not support external tables with encrypted columns. string will not be exported

Cause : Th eobejcti s na etxeranl atbl ewiht ecnrytpedc olmunsa ndt hi sisu nspupotredw it hDaat Pmup.

Action - How to fix it : DBA Scripts :: www.high-oracle.com/scripts

Exetrnla tbalem us tbem anaull yrerceaetd no teh trage tsytsem.

update : 20-09-2017

ORA-39214 - Data Pump does not support external tables with encrypted columns. string will not be exported
ORA-39214 - Data Pump does not support external tables with encrypted columns. string will not be exported

  • ora-23488 : propagation mode "string" for "string" is not allowed for this operation
  • ora-33098 : (APABBR01) A value of 'string' is not valid for the workspace object option.
  • ora-29828 : invalid name for implementation type
  • ora-39502 : failed to notify CRS of a Startup/Shutdown event [string] (ignored)
  • ora-16417 : Activation occurred after recovery from standby redo log files; a full database backup is required
  • ora-25190 : an index-organized table maintenance operation may not be combined with other operations
  • ora-32304 : materialized views with user-defined types cannot use prebuilt table
  • ora-38409 : invalid name or option for the attribute set: string
  • ora-33262 : (DBERR01) Analytic workspace string does not exist.
  • ora-29530 : could not create shortened name for string
  • ora-37107 : (XSVPART07) Attempt to write to non-existent partition of workspace object.
  • ora-06514 : PL/SQL: The remote call cannot be handled by the server
  • ora-16567 : Data Guard broker internal parser error at "string"
  • ora-06442 : ssvwatev: Failed with unexpected error number.
  • ora-09805 : conversion of category number to string failed.
  • ora-02443 : Cannot drop constraint - nonexistent constraint
  • ora-24404 : connection pool does not exist
  • ora-03237 : Initial Extent of specified size cannot be allocated in tablespace (string)
  • ora-14501 : object is not partitioned
  • ora-30356 : the specified refresh method is not supported in this context
  • ora-23602 : Invalid streams process type string
  • ora-19557 : device error, device type: string, device name: string
  • ora-38732 : Expected file size string does not match string.
  • ora-30154 : The memory address given as buffer for OCIFileRead/Write is invalid
  • ora-28118 : policy group already exists
  • ora-26699 : STREAMS message consumer string already exists
  • ora-23290 : This operation may not be combined with any other operation
  • ora-23600 : cannot create PROPAGATION, string already exists
  • ora-10916 : TABLESPACE GROUP already specified
  • ora-07641 : smscre: Unable to use the system pagefile for the SGA
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    Well, the reason for above error is that i have taken the above script from a 11g database and running it on 10g database. 11g has bring some changes in password management. Below code is executed on 11g and user created successfully, which is expected result.